主题 : 18277修复问题 & 已知问题
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0 18277修复问题 & 已知问题

Fixed issues
•We fixed the issue causing WSL to not work in Build 18272. Thanks for your patience.
•We fixed an issue resulting in text not rendering on the screen if you had a large number of OTF fonts, or had OTF fonts that support the extended East Asian character set.
•We fixed a recent issue where Task View failed to show the + button under New Desktop after creating 2 Virtual Desktops.
•We fixed an issue resulting in Timeline crashing explorer.exe if you pressed ALT+F4 while it was visible.
•We fixed an issue significantly impacting Start menu reliability in recent builds when pinning, unpinning, or uninstalling apps.
•We fixed an issue where the expected context menu wouldn’t appear after right-clicking on a folder in File Explorer from a network location.
•Some Insiders may notice small differences in File Explorer over the coming flights – we’ll have more to share later about this later.
•We fixed an issue resulting in the home page of Settings having no visible scrollbar in recent flights if the window was small enough to need one.
•We fixed an issue resulting in Settings crashing sometimes in recent flights when going to Sign-in Settings.
•We fixed an issue where Settings would crash if you were typing in the search box with the embedded handwriting panel and went to switch languages within the panel.
•We fixed an issue where playing videos might unexpectedly show a few frames in the wrong orientation when maximizing the window after changing the orientation of your screen.
•We fixed an issue impacting Emoji Panel reliability in recent flights.
•The touch keyboard’s feature to input a period after two quick taps on the spacebar was recently also accidentally enabled when typing with the hardware keyboard and has now been disabled.
•We’ve made some adjustments to improve the performance of WIN+Shift+S bringing up snipping.
•We fixed an issue that caused Far Manager to have a significant pause during a long running command like ‘dir’ (see Microsoft/console#279).
•We fixed an issue that caused Windows applications running from WSL through interop and applications using the *PseudoConsole APIs to redraw the top left corner excessively (see Microsoft/console#235).
•We fixed an issue resulting in running “start .” from Command Prompt failing in the previous flight with an access denied error.
•We fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders experiencing bug checks (green screens) with the error KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED on the previous flight.
•We fixed an issue where certain devices might hit a bug check (GSOD) when shutting down or when switching from a Microsoft account to a local admin account.
•We fixed an issue resulting in wuaueng.dll repeatedly crashing in the background for some Insiders in the last few flights.

•我们修复了导致WSL无法在Build 18272中运行的问题。感谢您的耐心等待。
•我们修复了一个问题,如果在可见时按下ALT + F4,则会导致时间线崩溃explorer.exe。
•一些内部人员可能会注意到即将到来的航班中文件资源管理器的细微差别 - 稍后我们将有更多内容与之分享。
•我们进行了一些调整,以提高WIN + Shift + S的性能,从而实现剪切。
•我们修复了一个问题,导致远程管理器在长时间运行的命令(如“dir”)中出现严重暂停(请参阅Microsoft / console#279)。
•我们修复了一个问题,该问题导致Windows应用程序通过互操作从WSL运行,使用* PseudoConsole API的应用程序过度重绘左上角(请参阅Microsoft / console#235)。

Known issues
•Some users will notice the update status cycling between Getting Things Ready, Downloading, and Installing. This is often accompanied with error 0x8024200d caused by a failed express package download.
•PDFs opened in Microsoft Edge may not display correctly (small, instead of using the entire space).
•We’re investigating a race condition resulting in blue screens if your PC is set up to dual boot. If you’re impacted the workaround is to disable dual boot for now, we’ll let you know when the fix flights.
•The hyperlink colors need to be refined in Dark Mode in Sticky Notes if the Insights are enabled.
•Settings page will crash after changing the account password or PIN, we recommend using the CTRL + ALT + DEL method to change the password
•Due to a merge conflict, the settings for enabling/disabling Dynamic Lock are missing from Sign-in Settings. We’re working on a fix, appreciate your patience.
•某些用户会注意到Get Things Ready,Downloading和Installing之间的更新状态循环。 这通常伴随着快递包下载失败导致的错误0x8024200d。

•在Microsoft Edge中打开的PDF可能无法正确显示(较小,而不是使用整个空间)。
•如果您的PC设置为双启动,我们正在调查导致蓝屏的竞争情况。 如果您受到影响,解决方法是暂时禁用双启动,我们会在修复航班时通知您。
•如果启用了Insights,则需要在Sticky Notes中以暗模式细化超链接颜色。
•更改帐户密码或PIN后设置页面将崩溃,我们建议使用CTRL + ALT + DEL方法更改密码
•由于合并冲突,登录设置中缺少启用/禁用动态锁定的设置。 我们正在努力修复,感谢您的耐心等待。
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