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主题 : 17730 已修复问题一览和已知问题一览
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0 17730 已修复问题一览和已知问题一览

General changes and fixes in Build 17730
•Fixed the issue impacting WDAG, Remote Desktop and Hyper-V. Remote Desktop Client (mstsc.exe) users should no longer see an error dialog complaining about low virtual memory when a connection is being established. And users can use enhanced sessions in Virtual Machine Connection (vmconnect.exe) again.
•Thank you everyone who has given us feedback on the “Block Suspicious Behaviors” feature that was recently added to Windows Security. For the time being we’re removing it from the build while we work on addressing some of the things you shared with us.
•Fixed an issue resulting in the volume slider in certain apps performing poorly with touch in recent flights.
•Fixed an issue resulting in certain apps, like the Twitter app, not rendering content when navigating after a while.
•Fixed an issue where expanding the Driver Updates dropdown in View Update History in Settings didn’t list anything (even when there were items to list) in recent builds.

Known issues in Build 17730
•Clicking a link to launch one app from another app may not work for some Insiders. We’re investigating.
•We’re progressing in our work on adding dark theme in File Explorer and the Common File Dialog, but we still have a few things left to do. You may see some unexpectedly light colors in these surfaces when in dark mode and/or dark on dark text.
•When you upgrade to this build you’ll find that the taskbar flyouts (network, volume, etc) no longer have an acrylic background.
•When you use the Ease of Access Make Text bigger setting, you might see text clipping issues, or find that text is not increasing in size everywhere.
•When you set up Microsoft Edge as your kiosk app and configure the start/new tab page URL from assigned access Settings, Microsoft Edge may not get launched with the configured URL. The fix for this issue should be included in the next flight.
•You may still see the notification count icon overlapping with the extension icon in the Microsoft Edge toolbar when an extension has unread notifications.
•On Windows 10 in S Mode, launching Office in the Store may fail to launch with an error about a .dll not being designed to run on Windows. The error message is that a .dll “is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again…” Some people have been able to work around this by uninstalling and reinstalling Office from the Store.
•When using Narrator Scan mode you may experience multiple stops for a single control. An example of this is if you have an image that is also a link. This is something we are actively working on.
•When using Narrator Scan mode Shift + Selection commands in Microsoft Edge, the text does not get selected properly.
•We’re investigating a potential increase in Start reliability and performance issues in this build.
•After setting up a Windows Mixed Reality headset for the first time on this build with motion controllers, the controllers may need to be re-paired a second time before appearing in the headset.
•When using a Windows Mixed Reality immersive app, saying “Flashlight on,” may fail to activate the flashlight feature even though the status appears as active on the Start menu.

•修复了影响WDAG,远程桌面和Hyper-V的问题。 远程桌面客户端(mstsc.exe)用户在建立连接时不应再看到抱怨虚拟内存不足的错误对话框。 用户可以再次使用虚拟机连接(vmconnect.exe)中的增强会话。
•感谢所有向我们提供有关最近添加到Windows安全版的“阻止可疑行为”功能的反馈的人。 我们暂时将其从构建中删除,同时我们正在处理您与我们共享的一些事情。

•将Microsoft Edge设置为kiosk应用程序并从分配的访问设置配置启动/新标签页URL时,Microsoft Edge可能无法使用配置的URL启动。此问题的修复程序应包含在下一个航班中。
•当扩展程序包含未读通知时,您仍可能会看到通知计数图标与Microsoft Edge工具栏中的扩展程序图标重叠。
•在S模式的Windows 10上,在存储中启动Office可能无法启动,并且有关.dll无法在Windows上运行的错误。错误消息是.dll“不是设计为在Windows上运行或包含错误。尝试再次安装程序......“有些人已经能够通过从商店卸载并重新安装Office来解决这个问题。
•在Microsoft Edge中使用“讲述人扫描”模式Shift +选择命令时,无法正确选择文本。
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